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I imagine you must certainly feel "fried." This experience was a disappointment but at the least, try and learn from it.

As far as humbling, I remember the first time I ruined a batch of carrot cake at a local bakery where I worked. The wife owner was a real tyrant but for some reason, she didn't take the opportunity to fillet me. She sent her husband who had a much softer touch. I offered to let him dock me for the value of the 10 or so cakes. He said it wasn't necessary but to just be more careful in the future. (The cakes were terribly underbaked even though they tested done. I wound up grinding them up and mixing them with cheesecake batter for a carrot/cheesecake. Went over like gangbusters, but that's not the point.)

I think taking a job as a line cook (if you've never done it before) and watching with an eagle eye could be the best medicine. You'll gain experiential knowledge which will help you when you are elevated to sous chef. Is it possible you just weren't ready?

Hang in there and don't let this one episode deflate you. You'll bounce back and be better than ever. If we didn't have those painful learning experiences along the way, we wouldn't be such complex people.
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