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I would suggest finding a job in a banquet pastry department at a hotel or plating dinner service at a restaurant. There are a lot of entry level jobs that look for a willingness to learn. Personally, I wouldn't stack up the debt from culinary school but I know there are chefs who would disagree with that. In my experience, culinary graduates don't get paid more as a new hire; they are still treated as though they know nothing. Why not get paid for training? Pastry might be a little different; all I know is that I'm mostly self taught. You get training at each place you work at anyway.

It won't happen overnight. You've got to first, get your foot in the door and then see if you can withstand the bull**** and still have a morbid sense of Humor about it.

You've got to find that one mentor/pastry chef that you can learn a lot from. Then find a way to climb up the ladder, work for anyone you can, smarten up and then you can think about becoming a pastry chef. Hell, maybe you'll get really lucky and strike some good opportunities!

Sounds easy, right?
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