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I am making final changes to my diet plan. I need some advise on a few things I'm doing.

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I am following a bodybuilding diet for gaining mass at the moment so I consume a lot of food on the daily basis. I precook this food ones or twice a week. 
Therefore I tend to make it taste good and include some variety to keep me from getting bored with it. 
I have been experimenting with various recipes for my protein sources. I have been also (less often) experimenting with recipes for all the other components.
Now I have decided to come with questions I have about them here.
I have a few points in regards to this matter.

I. I was experimenting with various baked recipes I found online and I couldn't find anything that I really liked.
My main comments here are following:

a. If the recipe involved a sauce and vegetables after more than few hours (if I recall the time correctly) the vegetabes would get really soggy. Is there something that can be done to prevent this from happening?

b. I couldn't find recipes that I would like.

c. At this point I can't recall exact recipes, but among the ones I tried and did not like were baked chicken recipes with:
-Mushrooms (Main Ingredient)
-Lemon Sauce
-Mint Based Marinate (I tried this one, because I like the flavor of mint, but the recipe I tried didn't turn out so hot.)
-Italian Chicken Parmesan
-Honey-Garlic Glazed Chicken

d. Ingredients I really like are:
-Spicy Flavors
-Mint (If encorporated correctly. If you guys think it would be a good idea I might try encorporating it in some way into my breakfast protein pancakes. I would appreciate some tips on this.)

e. Recipes I seek should require relatively fast prep and have a good flavor.

f. What are the best ways for ensuring skinless chicken breast stays moist during baking. I saw on one fitness channel someone was adding water during the cooking process. I also heard advise to finish baking when the breast at 155-160 degrees. Then you turn off the oven and let it sit until it reaches 165. 

g. I will be rotating weekly chicken with beef:
-I don't like traditional meatballs or meatloaf. You can if you know any provide a good variation that I might like and is relatively quick to make.
-I haven't tried meatloaf with stuffing so if you know any good recipes/methods for this I will appreciate it.

II. For stir fry recipes the above applies, but I did find two recipes, which I like.
My main comments here are following:

a. I would like to come out with two recipes for beef and two recipes for chicken.

III. I can't grill anything at the moment, because I don't have a grill.

IV. My carbohydrates are often composed of either oats, rice or potatoes.
My main comments here are following:

a. What are some rice recipes (perhaps with vegetables) that don't require too many ingredients and don't add anything unhealthy and/or a lot of calories?

b. What are some potato recipes that don't require too many ingredients and don't add anything unhealthy and/or a lot of calories?

c. Oats are just blend with skim milk, water, stevia and some berries for the flavor at the moment.

V. My breakfast is composed of simple protein pancackes.
My main comments here are following:

a. They are composed of vanilla or chocolate protein powder, eggs, cottage cheese, and oats. What things you would suggest to add in order to add more flavor? (It would probably be just a few. Like I mentioned before one of the things I was thinking about here is mint.)

VI. I drink a lot of water daily and I was thinking about adding some flavoring to it. Is there anything like this for water that doesn't add a lot of sugar?

VII. I was thinking adding some good healthy low calorie sauce. However, I was thinking it might be reduntant. 
My main comments here are following:

a. The sauces I don't like are:
Soy Sauce

b. I really liked the sauce I bought in Lidl recently. I don't know much about it except that I like it. It's called "Pesto alla Genovese". It is too high in fat for me. However, it is a source of good fats. Nevertheless, the amounts in which I would like to conume it ideally make it too high. I will appreciate it if anyone know something similar or a version of it lower in fat. 

Thank you for your inquiry.
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