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Hi Lenny. I am an omnivore, although at home my diet probably tends more to vegan now that I actually think about it; but I have no hard and fast rules. I like food period!

When I had my own restaurant (12 years), my menu changed on a weekly basis and usually had 14-15 entrees on it with 3-4 of them being vegetarian and with at least 1 being vegan. I love the challenge of vegetarian cooking. It gives me some great outside of the box think time. Throwing a steak on a grill is easy, making vegetables the star of the plate takes more creativity and skill IMO. I always derived a lot satisfaction when self-admitted carnivores would order one of the vegetarian entrees because they sounded "so wonderful and unusual". It always made my day!

Vegetables...they are not just for sides :~)
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