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I have to post this

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I am so saddened by the cowards who reigned terror on Isreal. 28 killed,200 injured,many are critical,many where children.

I am angry,very angry.

Mr Arafat must react or be held responsible for these acts of terror.

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Until the Palestinian people choose a leader for themselves who will address the legitimate grievances of their people by PEACEFUL means, the whole region has to look forward to nothing but more of the same. Too many people on both sides of the Isreali-Palestinian issue resort to invective and violence to address the conflicts.
If the Palestinians could put forth a leader like Mohandas Gandhi or Martin Luther King who use passive resistance and are committed to non-violent protest to gain attention to their grievances the world at large would be a great deal more sympathetic to their cause. Unfortunately, due to the severe lack of economic development and access to educational resources in the terratories, hope for a leader of this stature is faint.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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