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Hello everyone!

Im new to chef talk. Im relatively new to the culinary world i have been cooking for fun my whole life but about 5 months ago I decided to get serious and got a job as the sauce cook  at a local restaurant. I love my job but the knives are killing me and i want to slowly start my own knife collection to start bringing to work with me. I want a good chef knife that will stay sharp and last me forever if possible. What would y'all suggest. To start off I am looking for chef knife that is at least 9 inches or larger. I was thinking about global knives but I'm not sure then i came across a 9.5 inch Torijo DP Damascus Chefs knife that I'm in love with but I don't want to waste my money . any advice is helpful.
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Or at least the last few dozen will let you ask insightful questions
Yeah there's no forever knife. All knives will dull and require sharpening. If you're sharpening with some skills, freehand, on waterstones, that's the least metal you can remove and restore the edge. Even if you do it right, you're removing a tiny bit of metal each time.

Here is Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto's yanagiba over 3 years of sharpening, twice a day, once before lunch and dinner service

Not that you'll be sharpening 2x a day because your knives don't need to be world class sushi master sharpness.

Learn to sharpen and you won't be afraid of new, used, vintage, whatever. You can buy and tune knives to your liking.
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