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Hello everyone!

Im new to chef talk. Im relatively new to the culinary world i have been cooking for fun my whole life but about 5 months ago I decided to get serious and got a job as the sauce cook  at a local restaurant. I love my job but the knives are killing me and i want to slowly start my own knife collection to start bringing to work with me. I want a good chef knife that will stay sharp and last me forever if possible. What would y'all suggest. To start off I am looking for chef knife that is at least 9 inches or larger. I was thinking about global knives but I'm not sure then i came across a 9.5 inch Torijo DP Damascus Chefs knife that I'm in love with but I don't want to waste my money . any advice is helpful.
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I don't know, seems like it isn't an uncommen practice for people to retire and then realize that they miss work and unretire.
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