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I need the secret to french fries that have the crispy outter texture

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I am going to make a go at cooking some fresh cut fries tonight. I've done this a few times over the years and the things that are usually disappointing to me are 1. the color, generally they get far too dark for my liking and often look "splotchy" 2. I personally love a fry that has a golden crispy outer crust with a soft interior.

I know one of the go-to-methods for fries is to par fry them. I am going to try that tonight. What I read was to cook them for 3-5 minutes at 325F, then let them drain/rest while you bring the temp up to 375 and finish them at 375F. Let me know if that's not correct.

I think the other issue is I need some kind of coating. I've heard of dusting them in rice flour, but I'm not sure that's going to give me what I want. I wish I had a picture to show you. The closest fast food fry that I can think of would be Burger King. I don't really want a battered fry, at least not a thick batter. Maybe it needs to be rice flour and cold water but thinner than a normal tempura style batter? Maybe I'm going in the wrong direction with any kind of coating?

I have a restaurant in town that makes the best fries I've ever had. This is a pretty bad picture but this is where I'd like to be with mine. They are perfectly golden, crispy, soft, extremely well seasoned and their unique shape makes them even better.

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So I'd love if some of you pros might be willing to give me tips on what to try. Is the double fry the secret to getting them perfectly golden and crispy without burning the edges? I know I probably won't nail it tonight, but I'd like to have as much knowledge on this attempt as possible. Thanks!
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Limp, soggy fries are best when dipped in a chocolate shake.

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