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I am doing a career prodject for my english class and i was wondering if anyone would like to by interviewed, there is only about 15 questions and they listed below.

Thank you

1. How did you come to choose this career? Why did it appeal to you?
2. What kind of training or education did this career require?
3. Where did you get your training?
4. Are there any other skills beyond formal training that someone needs to do this job?
5. How long is a typical work day? What time does your day end? How many hours do you work in a typical week?
6. What os the starting salary or hourly wage for a chef? I there overtime pay? How high is does the salary go? How can you
advance up the career ladder?
7. How much paid vacation is there?
8. Is there a retirement plan? how many years do you have to work to be able to collect it?
9. Does the job have medical or dental benefits? is it full coverage or is there a deductible or co-payment? do you have to pay
part of the policy or does your employer cover it all?
10. What are three thing most enjoyable about your job?
11. what are three things you least enjoy about you job?
12. How long have you been working in this occupation and how long do you expect to remain working as a chef?
13. How much of a demand do you see for this occupation in the future?
14. What high school classes should i take for this occupation?
15. what advise would you give to someone considering this occupation?
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