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i was seduced by the beautiful pictures of baking

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i saw some pictures of you put here . so great and look so yummy ! i think i must to learn how to bake . i am a terrible baker .really really !  totally a greenhand .so .what should i bake for my first time ? i hope it is easy . i will show you when i finished it . does anyone will help me ? tell me some tips about this .

thank you very much .
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I just want to throw this in the mix. When you first start out, I would measure and prep all the ingredients before you start to put the recipe together. Try using a scrap paper to write the ingredient weights and check them off as you go. Keeps your expensive books clean.

This is going to take you a little longer but it will eliminate one of the big problems in baking. " Gosh! did I forget or did I put in the salt?" Keep your ingredients as stated in the recipe. If things are to be room temp or kept cold, make sure you do that.

Just picture, the baking race. The recipe is catching up to you. If you try to catch up to the recipe, mistakes are made. For example, you're supposed to whip eggs for 3 minutes. As they are almost done, if you don't have the next ingredient ready to go in, you start to rush to get them prepped and weighed. That's usually where bakers make mistakes. You forget things and don't weigh properly.

Last but not least, if you are going to double or cut a recipe in half. Always calculate and write the recipe on a different piece of paper. Try not to do things in your head for now. As you get better and comfortable with baking you probably won't have to do all the things I mentioned.

Most of all, have fun!
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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