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i was seduced by the beautiful pictures of baking

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i saw some pictures of you put here . so great and look so yummy ! i think i must to learn how to bake . i am a terrible baker .really really !  totally a greenhand .so .what should i bake for my first time ? i hope it is easy . i will show you when i finished it . does anyone will help me ? tell me some tips about this .

thank you very much .
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A scale is great for accuracy and Ratio is a wonderful book but I think it can be intimidating if you have never baked before.

That said, I bake a lot using old-style volume measurements, using recipes, for the most part.

The King Arthur book suggestion is a good one. Rose Levy Barenbaum's Baking Bible is good, too.

You want a reputable book/author and you want to follow the recipes in that reputable book exactly as written. Unlike cooking, baking is science and, until you have a very, very good feel for proportions and the order of operations that different kinds of recipes follow, baking is not a place for improvisation.

Bread is an entirely different animal than other baking. I do that by feel but to learn how to make bread, I would suggest the Bread Baker's Apprentice or Crust and Crumb by Peter Reinhart. 
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