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i was seduced by the beautiful pictures of baking

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i saw some pictures of you put here . so great and look so yummy ! i think i must to learn how to bake . i am a terrible baker .really really !  totally a greenhand .so .what should i bake for my first time ? i hope it is easy . i will show you when i finished it . does anyone will help me ? tell me some tips about this .

thank you very much .
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     For me, Rulmans Ratios' book was a tremendous help. After taking the requisite pastry program in my culinary school and years of poring over numerous baking books, I found Ratios to be an excellent analysis of how it all works and from my perspective I'd also recommend you start with this one. Not so much for recipes but for understanding the role the different ingredients play and how they work together. 

     As everyone has pointed out, Baking is pretty precise. So a scale is most helpful. Paying attention to the details in a recipe is of utmost importance. If the recipe says to let the dough rest for twenty minutes, then let it rest for twenty minutes. Techniques are also important for specific items. So in one recipe you cream the butter and sugar together first, in another it's the eggs and sugar. 

Make sure your oven is calibrated so if the temperature dial says 350 degrees, the oven in actually 350 degrees. 

     Most important, don't' beat yourself up if what you make doesn't come out exactly. A poor cake is still cake and makes a great snack, especially when frosted.  All cookies go well with a glass of milk. 
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clairelv-   You may already know this but I thought I'd mention it.    Be objective. Don't rely on others in your family to tell you whether or not something is good. A compliment is nice but criticism is, or should be, an objective analysis of what you did or did not do. You can do that yourself. 

 If your family and others enjoy what you made, simply say Thank You. 
     You will know that you did not add enough sugar or that the dough should have rested longer or you didn't melt the butter like you should have.

You need to be honest with yourself about that but mentioning it only makes others doubt they should be enjoying your product. If they like it, accept their compliments sincerely and graciously.  Then get back in the kitchen and do better next time. 

That's the great thing about baking. You can always do it over. Enjoy the process. 
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