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i was seduced by the beautiful pictures of baking

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i saw some pictures of you put here . so great and look so yummy ! i think i must to learn how to bake . i am a terrible baker .really really !  totally a greenhand .so .what should i bake for my first time ? i hope it is easy . i will show you when i finished it . does anyone will help me ? tell me some tips about this .

thank you very much .
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If you are baking for the first time, try something incredibly easy like cookies (chocolate chip or shortbread). This will be an easy and fun way to get your foot in the door. Baking is definitely a science so you will have to master the little things like creaming the sugar and fat together and adding eggs properly before you jump into some of the other more complicated items in the baking world. As @ChicagoTerry has said, bread or yeast products are a whole different animal and require you to be somewhat comfortable in a baking kitchen. So it is something you can work towards.

I would suggest looking online first at some recipes you might like trying so that you can try a couple and see if your are ready to jump into baking full stop before investing in some of the great books suggested above.

I hope you give it a whirl and have fun while doing so! /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif
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