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Ideas for pub menu, interesting scenerio

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Hey chefs, back at it with another scenario I need some input on. So I currently work for a few wealthy investors who own several restaurants in the surrounding towns. I am one of their main cooks who joined them after my previous gig closed. So they purchased a pub a while back, renovated it. They asked me if I could run it and get it going. So let me describe what I'm working with because I need a menu that is profitable and doable with the following scenario.

Cliental: family's for lunch or early dinner. Then adults later on. I'd say almost an 80 percent adult to 29 percent kid ratio. Kitchen open Monday through Thursday 3 to 10 . Friday through Sunday 11 to 10. He wants brunch on sunday from 11 to 2 on top of regular menu. Just a small brunch menu.
Saturday he wants to keep this burger special from 11 to 4 that the town knows the previous pub for. So I have no say in that.

Labor: Monday through Thursday is doable for one cook or myself. Friday lunch is one cook or myself. I would have a second guy Friday night, all day saturday and all day Sunday. They have many cooks so finding someone to work those hours isn't an issue however I need a doable menu that can be excited by one cook.

Kitchen : small set up. 2 make tables. Small table in between them. 2 deck table top pizza oven that fits one 14inxh pizza on each, usually used for late night menu. 4 burner stove with oven. 2 flat top grills. One for meets and burgers and other was for bread and sandwiches, etc. 2 fryers. Walk in cooler and plenty of freezers. Really just have the line to prep on, unless they decide to remove one of the 4 reach in freezers for a prep table.

So the owner decided to put this menu together of like 40 items total. It's all frozen and fried. Absolutely nothing made on house. We have the Ruben and fish and ships. Like I said its frozen fish and corned beef is pretty sliced. They gave me the green light to present a menu so I need some ideas to build off of. Everything needs to stay under 16ish. Any ideas for fun, creative upscale Irish themed pub food that can be executed by the above scenario. Sorry this is long but tried to describe the best I could. Thanks chef. All ideas welcomed.
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?, Irish or English pub? second the bangers and mash or bangers as pigs in a blanket, I'd put curry somewhere on the menu, ploughmans platter, like the Guinness fried pickles, had malt vinegar marinade Guinness battered wings & potato wedges, marinade was a tad reminiscent of a light mojo, very good btw, diggin the Bubble and Squeek or Colcannon, with back bacon or bangers, house-made crisps always a hit and cost pretty much nothing, pretzels?, always a go to with beer but not so much in a "pub" That being said I was at a pub in London and the wife of the owner was of German descent so they had a soft pretzel with a brat and currywurst that I had pretty much everyday @ lunch.
Best of luck!
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