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Ideas on where to apply for jobs

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This summer, i'll be graduating my local tech school with an associates in Culinary Arts. While it's a trade school it's still known for having a strong program/reputation. I'm looking for suggestions on restaurants or cities that'd be good to look for work. My goal/plan is to find a quality restaurant to line cook at for a couple years. I think with my degree my resume will be good enough to do this. I'm already very experienced with the hectic high volumeness of restaurant life. I have 5 years of line experience on top of working my way up from dishwasher. I've been a lead for a long time. Id like to find a place that's focuses on fresh ingredients or I can learn some great plating techniques. Even if its a place to volunteer/intern/apprentice I'm just trying to find someone to learn more from. Once I get happy/confident with those techniques I aim to find a sous chef position. Any tips would be great
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With your background you are off to a good start. It sounds similar to mine.

Look for an independent chef driven restaurant. Go in between shifts and ask to speak to the chef. Even if he is not hiring, chefs are a small close knit community, and he might have some good leads for you. Continue to check in once a week.

It shouldn't take you long to find what you are looking for. But remember that interviews are two way streets. Interview them harder than they are interviewing you and do your research on what the operation is really like. Don't buy the company kool-aid. Find out for yourself prior to accepting any offers.
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