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Hi nancya..

When I think of something to compliment the soup I think texture. Maybe a jicama, apple and cucumber salad with some orange zest and grilled green onions, Maybe fry some flour tortilla strips and then dust with a little cumin,chile powder and kosher salt and float on top of the soup.

A black bean and toated native corn salad would work as well,with a anjou pepper vinaigrette.

Red grapefruit and avocado salad over boston lettuce with serrono pepper dressing.

nancy,When preparing tho food keep in mind a balance of heat,acity and sweetness.Acid is your freind when it comes to heat and a little sweetnes will dance with the acid to couple everything together.

I would also serve some warm mexican flat bread. As for the wine the same applys as with your food. nice acity to seem light on the palete and to make friends with the heat,but then a touch of residuel surger to balance.

Perhaps a pinot blanc from alsace or a spicy gewurztraminer the word gewurtz means "spiced"and they are known for there crisp,spicy profiles, even a german Kabinet that is young will be a pleasure to quaff.

I hope this helps and you have a great meal.
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