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What would your salary and contract demands include ?.

for me I would ask for no less than $900,000 in US fund of course, 'cause with the exchange that's like $2,000,000 or more CDN.

$125 a day for personal expenses

annual equipment bonuses, ie free knives, pots & pans, etc...

and of course I'd need about $350,000 for a signing bonus, and guaranteed work for three years.

In exchange I would follow all reasonable requests from my boss. and of course work my rear off, because bein' lazy ain't my style.

Your turn......

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Man, your talking walk on. Or practice squad.
You should never need tool,chothes,housing,equipment etc.
Corporate Credit Card!!!
3.5 signing bonus
A lifetime guarantee to retire with the club.
Body guards
female cookcasters in the lockerroom
When retired, a spot with the three man announcing team for Monday Night Iron Man.
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