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Hello, I am a fashion design student at Parsons, The New School of Design and I wanted to see if we could get in contact for an interview. My project is to pick a uniform and redesign it in some way, so I wanted to design new accessories and garments for pastry chefs. I realize that you must be busy and I highly value your time and opinion.  Your opinion is very important to the quality, reality, and functionality of my designs.

First a short bio of who you are, your experience/job history, and area of expertise would be great.

Here are the actual interview questions.

what's the most difficult dessert or pastry to cook?

what is your most common mistake?

what is your favorite or most used tool?

what do you need in a uniform?

What are the biggest concerns for outfit; mobility, temperature, cleanliness, protection, style, functionality, does it hold things?

what is the worst part of your job?

and the best?

do you have any goals to go further than where you are now?

are there any areas of pastry that you would like to explore further?

What is your favorite dessert to make?

Least favorite? Why?

Thank you so much!!

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Fashion trends change every season, what looks best now might not look the same next season. But, you can't count on trends alone. You still need to accessorize your outfit with accessories.
Accessories such as earrings, necklaces, belts, scarves, shoes, and handbags are key to making your outfit look good. B2B Fashion- Back 2 Basic

Here are some tips to choosing accessories:
1. Start with your clothing.
2. Match the accessories to your outfit.
3. Choose an accessory that matches the color or tone of your outfit.
4. Choose an accessory that matches your personality.
5. Choose an accessory that completes the outfit you are wearing.

You can implement these tips and further enhance your outfit by mixing and matching accessories. B2B Fashion- Back 2 Basic
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