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In Search of Cranberry Lambic

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I'm looking for the Belgian Cranberry Lambic that comes in a bottle the size of a wine bottle, not the one from Samuel Adams.

Has this really been discontinued? Is anyone able to find any now? I'd really like to track some down.

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Here are the details of what I'm looking for.... (cranberry variety)

Looking for Lindemans brand.
I am typing this info here directly from the label off their Black Currant Lambic which is my current favorite.

750 ml
Belgian Cassis Ale (Cassis = Currants)
Vlezenbeek, Belgium
Lindemans (Lindemans Farm Brewery)
Product of Belgium

Kreik = Cherry
Lindeman's Kreik Lambic Not looking for cherry.

I am asking because there was a discussion several months ago about cranberry lambic and I have been looking for it ever since. The Sam Adams version isn't comparable to this brand. Lindemans rocks! Or maybe Lindemans never made it. What brand were those of you referring to in the discussion months ago? (I'm pretty sure is wasn't Sam Adams, I've heard their cranberry lambic doesn't compare to the authentic Belgian Co's which is to be expected.)

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I'm a little confused by your last post. Wasn't saying they were, just saying it's my favorite of the varieties they have.

I am looking for Lindemans Cranberry Lambic.


That answers half of my question.... now to see if anyone still has any left!

Thanks for your resonses everyone!
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