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First off the restaurant is in San Diego CA. And depending upon the neighborhood I might not give it a second thought...but I might too. It depends on the food they serve and the volume the restaurant has.

I've been at the foodservice industry for a long time. I know more than the average person walking through the door about what is going on in the whole place...I can guess accurately the salaries of the people who work there and the quality of work they are doing.

The score by the health department in my experience, has been highly subjective and varies greatly from inspector to inspector.

The obvious violations of course most kitchens will do. Chemical and cross contaminations are usually not an issue. The one thing that slips through the notice of most places is usually the time of susceptible foods in the danger zone of above 40 but below 130. That time is cumulative and it escapes notice by most busy people. From waitstaff to one usually adds the time up or does anything about food left out too long except put it away and pray its fine. Especially with the boss screaming about food cost every day.

Between the chemical sanitizers and etc most places are just fine.

But I don't eat out a lot to begin with. It's difficult for me to get excited about eating out because of my work history. I usually go out just to socialize with friends. Otherwise I just eat at work or home. But sometimes it is nice to have dinner with friends in their home or mine and have an even more relaxed time with preparing a good meal to share. Kids get to run around and go wild and sock feet are very much encouraged. And many hands make cleanup extremely easy.
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