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i live in SD. Gotta know where this is? A very amazing Thai place i like to eat had a “B” out of the blue. Didnt phase me.
Hi Matt. It’s actually in my home kitchen, not a retail food establishment. I believe the card to be genuine but probably never issued. It was a Christmas gift, years ago, from a friend in that side of the industry.

In this thread I was using it as a convo starter, not intending to misrepresent it as a real-world situation. My apologies if that was misunderstood.

I read the Department of Health website listing of restaurant inspections for a hobby. In LA I’ve seen a few “C” grades and that’s where I draw the line and won’t even think about eating there. I did once…

“B” grades can happen from one major violation, mostly vermin or lack of hot water. Next most common violation seems to be holding temps followed by poor maintenance. Often a closure, 1-3 days happens too. I often chuckle to myself when I hear of restaurants that were closed by Department of Health announcing that the are closed for “kitchen renovations” when it’s really vermin. Can’t blame them for trying to save face, I suppose.

The grades, though, are historical, it seems, and what we see is what once was. Presumably the conditions have been corrected already. So I tend to be very tolerant of B-graded establishments because they probably have it all under control once again.
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