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Intense Workshops Bakery/Pastry in Spain

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Hello from Spain,

My name is Ina, I´m a German native who lives more than 10 years in Northwest Spain, in Galicia, a very rich region in culture and gastronomy. It´s climate is very much influenced by the closeness to the Atlantic Ocean.
Since Mid of June I´ve accomplished my traineeship in bakery and pastry according to the Spanish education sistem being a Tecnician in Bakery and Pastry.
During my traineeship it ocurred to me to create workshops in bakery/pastry for foreigners who would like to be introduced into the elaboration of Galician and Spanish bread and pastry, but also to enjoy the culture and gastronomy of this region.
The workshops are going to take place in a specialized traineecenter with it´s own tecnical resourses. The knowledge of speaking Spanish wouldn´t be necessary since the workshops are going to be held in English.

I´m still in the final preparation of this project, but would really appreciate your feed-back of interest into it.

Thanks a lot in advance for your responses!

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Thanks panini for your warm welcome!

While I was reading your response I´ve got some goosebumps....and although I´m not a native Galician, I feel very much connected to this region and it makes me happy to experience once more: It´s a small world we are living in! Thanks so much for sharing your "Galician" experience! I´m sure that there are more users who may know this part of Spain, especially since the Galician had to migrate at the beginning of the past century to other countries in order to receive a workplace and to earn their living. During that time Galicia was mainly farmland and quite poor, but things have changed and nowadays, although it is still very rural, you can spend a great time here, e.g. visiting Santiago de Compostela, famous for the Way of St.James. or just enjoying a nice dish of fresh mussles or any other type of seafood....and not to forget to mention that we have quite a few Michelin Star chefs from Galicia:)

Yes, I will definitely post news on my proyect once it has been finished for it´s final presentation.
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