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Is culinary school for me?

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I am new to this but for the past year I have been giving much thought to working in the food industry. There is a great culinary program at my community college that I can't stop looking into. For awhile I wanted to do something in the medical field but just for the money. I want a job I am passionate about even when the money doesn't start off so great. I love anything that has to do with food especially baking. This is my second year of college so I feel like I need to figure out my plan fast. I would love to learn more about fondant and pastry work and some day own a business or run one. I also been given a suggestion to get my business degree instead and learn the baking skills I need on my own without school. Is it really worth going to school for this? I know this is a lot to post just to get some thoughts from a stranger but I appreciate someones ideas or suggestions!
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While you continue with college, get a part time job in a pastry/bakery.

If after 3 months you find that you look forward to going to work, get a full time job in a pastry/bakery while continuing with college.

If after 3 months you find that you look forward to going to work, change your major to business.

By the time you graduate, if you have continued to work full in a pastry/bakery while going to school and still look forward to going work, then you will be well equipped and suited to be a business owner.
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