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Welcome to Cheftalk! I've been in the food service business for a lot of years. I started as a catering steward in Hawaii and worked my way up in that company. After managing and Chefing in over 25 food services I started my own business. I worked in Fine dining, Casual dining, Private clubs, Hospitality, Healthcare, fast food and upscale employee cafes. Catering was what I did best and got the most enjoyment and satisfaction  from. The thing to remember is, all good caterer's make things look easy. They do this for a living everyday. People look at this business and think about how much fun and easy it looks. My clients have told me how nice it is to hire a company that all the people working the function are enjoying what their doing. These things don't just happen, there planned. The success of a catering is a lot of work and planning. Logistics are a key factor to the success of the function. I see a lot of people that think they could make good biscuits and country gravy and want to open a breakfast restaurant. The best advice I could give is, if the food business isn't a big part of your life then I wouldn't get into it. Most successful restaurant owners and chefs have a great passion for what they do. If you really have this kind of passion and drive then get a job working for a caterer on weekends. This isn't a business to get into unless you love it. The business is hard on you and your family. In the beginning the money is hard to accept. Working for low wages to meet the bills a growing family is difficult and stressful. This puts a lot of pressure on you and family life. The food service business is the most difficult business you can pick to be successful in. I would not recommend anyone venture into it unless your blood is boiling with passion........Good luck........Chef Bill 
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