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What any culinary school should have taught you is to be professional. By that I mean show up on time, dress appropriately, develop good work habits like being clean and neat in both your person and your work habits. Pay attention and show care in what you are doing. Show respect for your self, your colleagues  and the food you are working with. Recognize that there is a correct way to do things regarding proper sanitation, preparation, temperature control and storage practices. Understand some of the processes involved in cooking and how they affect the finished product. Be familiar with how various equipment works and what it is for. 

   No matter which kitchen you work in, you show yourself to be the better employee if you can demonstrate these things. Different kitchens may serve various types of food and cuisines in different ways and have different production needs based on size and style but what I outlined are basic to all kitchens. So it isn't so much which diploma you get but how much you practice good kitchen habits. You develop those habits by getting experience. 

So go forward with your diploma and be professional wherever you work. You'll be fine. 

Oh and Nicko is absolutely correct that you should learn how to make a kitchen profitable. The fanciest food doesn't matter if you go out of business. 
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