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Hello everyone,

I think LCB is a school for rich people and housewives,
Precisely. You have to acknowledge that just about every pastry chef and cook in continental Europe has done an apprenticeship--very few have gone through private schools. LCB was started to "educate' rich housewives how to cook, it never was intended to compete with the apprenticeship system or to provide future cooks for the commercial kitchens. That changed big time......

What most private schools refuse to acknowledge is that work experience is just as important as knowledge, and most schools will never address this--they just figure that fobbing off a student with "0" work experience on a employer is fair game.

An apprenticeship offers many things. Firstly, a typical 3 yr apprenticeship means that you have 3 yrs,work experience. Secondly, you have no financial debt.

But you are on the right track, you are gratefull for learning the techniques and the knowledge LCB has provided you. Use this to your advantage.
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