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and it is truly more up to experience and hard work.
This part of your post says it all. For myself I had worked in kitchens for many years but had no formal training such as what was the ratio for mirepoix or how to make a brown sauce. Culinary school is a great way to get a solid foundation. However the costs of school have become so outrageous (Culinary Institute of America is $60,000) that it is truly difficult to justify that money for a degree that really isn't worth what you pay. What I mean by that is you can't teach yourself to be a doctor or lawyer so you have to go to school to get a license etc. But you can with effort teach yourself how to cook and that is what many great chefs did. My advice to you would be forget more school focus on what you want to cook for the rest of your life and spend time working in kitchens you respect to learn and perfect those skills. And, I always tell people make sure the kitchens you choose are profitable you have to (HAVE TO) learn the business end of making a profit at cooking not just the "I really like pastry" or "I love to make sushi". That just won't cut it. I think for now your done with school get out there and start working switch jobs ever 6 months and learn, learn, learn. Hope that helps.
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