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I really don't think your latkes turned black because you froze them and I'm sure that is not mold. Potatoes will sometimes turn black when the are exposed to oxygen. The two don't

like each other. It could have been in the preparation. Even when you first peel the spud you should store it in water to keep the oxygen away. The potatoes might have been left out for more time then usual. 

It could also be the potato, this is not uncommon. If the were shipped that the temp went under 35-40 degrees, that will ruin them.

Don't ask me where I got this but I have had lengthy debates on this subject. A medical person told me if the potato exposed to oxygen, there is iron and other things in the spud that cause something like Tirosine.

That's what causes the discoloring.

Oh yea, you shouldn't use any type of aluminum or iron to cook the Latkes. I wouldn't use foil either.

That's all I have.

I have had this happen to me. We make a type of potato ball with cheese etc. and fry, then freeze them. I just shredded and skipped the water, instead of keeping them in water I just kept them in

a bowl until use. You really need to keep the O2 away. They should go in water then before you mix them drain the in a turned towel.
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