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Unfortunately I don't know Marcella Hazan...but I know very well Ada Boni, who has been a true authority in Italy. Apart from "La Cucina Regionale Italiana", her most famous book is "Il Talismano della Felicità" (and its shorter version "Il piccolo Talismano della Felicità") that has been the cooking bible for generations of Italian housewives. In fact, it's a book based more on the familiar, traditional recipes than on the sophisticated French-style dishes like the other italian bible, "La Grande Cucina" by Luigi Carnacina. These two books come after the first modern Italian cooking encyclopedia, "L'Arte del Vivere e del Mangiar Bene" di Pellegrino Artusi, which was written in the late Nineteenth century. All these books can be considered "historical" and somehow out of fashion, but are also still precious and useful! I'm also sure that English translations are available...

As for the book I mentioned in the "Italian Easter" thread, I've found out it's available on Internet:) although unfortunately only in Italian:(
In any case, probably reading something written in a foreign language is easier if the topic is familiar to you...I speak only Italian and some English, but have got cookbooks written in French, Spanish, Portuguese and even German and can use them without too much trouble! More, I could help you with unusual words if you need ;)

Anyway, this is the reference:

Ed. Solares

Available at
The price is $ 35.24

As I said, it is strongly recommendable also for traditional Italian pastries and sweets.

I'll look more for italian pastry cookbooks available on Internet and possibly translated in English!

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