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It's been a year already!

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I have learned so much from all of you!

From sourdough and breadmaking with KyleW, TheBigHat and others to homemade Butter, Buttermilk and Worcestershire sauce (I will try it, promise!)
Everything on olive oil with Papa
Wine with Cc
Balsamico and Salt
Slow-Food with Devotay
The secret of the caramel apple with Angrychef
Greek traditions and superstitions with Athenaeus, Nicko and others
Parisian macaroons and other delicious pastry tips with Momoreg
Morels with Shroomgirl
White Chocolate Genoise with Cchiu
Sushi with Youla
How to finally get to use my antique cornbread sticks cast iron molds with Mbrown
and so much more!

I had fun reading:
The Diary of a Baby Chef (Anneke)
The Diary of a young American chef in Italy (Elakin)

Got acquainted with Mezzaluna's wonderful sense of humour (remember her favourite food groups!) and had a good laugh with many of you!!

Last but not least, I found a friend with whom I share my passion for food and cookbooks...Isa!

Disclaimer: If you don't find your name here, it's only for practical reasons. This is a tribute to each and everyone of you!

The next thing I'd like to learn is how to breed, feed, kill and prepare my own turkey for Thanksgiving! Tips anyone? :eek:
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It seems like longer than a year. Thank you too, Kimmie, for all you've contributed to the cafe.:)
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