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Not quite the same..... You'd freak out if you knew what a taxi license costs, and what insurance on the vehicle costs, let alone fuel and minimal maintenence.

But back to restaurants. I'm sure by now you've talked to hundreds if not thousands of Europeans, Aussies, Asians, etc. They all get really p. o.d when the get "conned" into paying 20% tips. I mean violently upset. First question they always ask is "why can't these Americans pay their employees a decent salary?".

But for close to one half of your States govt's to extend their middle finger to minimum wage regulations and get suckered by lobbyists with their "tipping wages", how long do you think this can go on? 20% is the norm now, can you forsee a time when this will crawl up to 25%? Will fine dining survive, or will take ot food quality improve dramatically?
Understandably, not to get off topic again, butt???. Why is a taxi license expensive in the states?? A license for what?? What qualifications?? When I just came back for me to fish for a week where I grew up. A freshwater license/ a saltwater license/ a lobster stamp/ and a snook stamp. Out of state license= over 100 dollars to go fishing. You even need a license if you want to fish from the beach. It's the same made up shit that doesn't exhist in most of the world. It's an old antiquated system of paying lots of middleman run by the big man. I know in the islands medallions are limited and you buy them like a car or house. Once you buy it you own it and can sell it when you want to. How come uber drivers don't have to have expensive licenses?? I know they have to have a certain amount of insurance but everybody in the states does. Taxi's over many years have just decided to make up their own prices. Kind of like tow trucks. 250-300 dollars to tow your car 5 miles. It's made up b.s. pricing because they can. I know this has nothing to do with cooking but how can you justify paying a cab driver 30 dollars for a 10 minute 5 mile ride. Like I tell the cab drivers who's meters don't seem to work all of a sudden, must be nice making 200 dollars an hour to drive a car around town. As for your 2nd comment, most don't mind because the price is cheaper here so the tip pretty much equals the price you pay. In Australia a burger is 15-20 dollars and a beer is 5. As the American decent salary?? Not sure they really care? It's just strange for foreigners how a government can pay someone 2.15 an hour and take more in taxes than they got paid after 2 weeks. Don't shoot the messenger, just observations. Not really sure of a solution and don't really care. The post was started because I can picture every server I ever worked with having a nervous breakdown when they get paid 12 taxed dollars an hour and it made me laugh! It's all good, back to the Caribbean next week where not to much is important.

The things you're discussing off topic really fall under luxuries. Taxi driving as I know it in cities is a money maker for the owners. They put so many cars out there it becomes so competitive. Drivers usually don't make squat and drive 20 hr shifts to get by. Sports is the same way. Fishing has become so costly because of all the bureaucratic bs. If oil companies screw up the water they get huge fines that they usually don't pay or go to some agency. So it is left up to the fisherman to introduce cash into these projects.

Anyway, I know in New York Danny Meyers (sort of a big time player in eateries) is going to try to change the tipping structure. New York goes to 7+ dollars for servers by the end of the year.

He is going to try what everyone is talking about here. He is going to charge an administrative charge to checks which will raise the prices (he says 20%) but realistically it will be about 30-35%. All those moneys are going to employees. He owns a pretty nice group, I think he's starting with Gramercy and Union Square.

The hospitality industry is the largest here. I was shocked that a huge percentage of Female servers in this industry sometimes don't even make minimum wage and live below the poverty level. I'm always thinking about the nicer places where servers do well. I was shocked about the amount of sexist and racist reports from servers.

It would not surprize me one bit if this change doesn't have lobbyist promoting it. It's a fact that the amount of undisclosed income among servers is a huge cash cow the Gov't is missing out on. I think you will see a lot of political support for this change in the time to come.

This also won't prevent patrons from tipping servers more, so I don't agree with the idea that servers won't work as hard or not care about patrons.

Just me 2 cents
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