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Out furniture shopping and stopped for a late lunch next door to a Joe's.
Noticed what looked like remodeling going on and asked our wait person what was up.
He explained that Joe's had sold ? reimagined? (unaware if it was the entire chain or just this one location) into what would be more of a gastro pub type of place.
Now I am curious.


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I am resurrecting this thread for a moment.

There seems to be an ever increasing number of places recently that are now going tip free.

Said places are implementing new pay scales so that both the FOH and BOH are treated equally pay-wise.

There will always be some bugs to work out, but the largest impediment will be the public.

Among the many things needed to work out is how to get the public in on this new change.

People have been stuck in the tipping mindset for so long, it will take a long time to change.

Even with new menu prices reflecting better pay for the employees, people will still mindlessly tip above and beyond what's printed on the bill.

Of course, this is a win/win for the server, but needs to be worked out so that it's all fair.

Going tip-less isn't going to solve the unequal pay situation, but it is a starting point.
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