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One of the things that I always see is people saying that this school is ____ That school is_____. Life is about you getting what you put in. That simple! I did attend Johnson and Wales North Miami. I did a weekend program. 25 hours in two days/ a week of school in two days. I worked two full time jobs while attending school. I am not sure that they have that program again.

I did prefer the weekend program. This program had mostly adults. I did feel that the week day students were paid more attention to by the school. However looking back that was really where the bulk of their money came from... the week day kids. That program had a lot more students.

The Associates of Science culinary program did teach us all the basics in cooking. I had one of the most important classes for a Chef. "Costing." Everyone needs to remember that school is a base where YOU need to build on. There were alot of Labs and Classes. I did learn why stocks and sauces work how they work, I learned compositions of plating, Ice carving, Garde manger, etc. .. . The teachers did guide you when it was necessary and also gave you enough space to try your new ideas. Make sure that you do what everyone does not want to do. you will learn faster.

Make sure you network with the people in your classes and also your teachers. Just like life it is who you know, will help you along. I did have some great teachers. It was two fellow students who got me on the right path to where I am today.

I love what I do and I am still in the Kitchen after many years. By my choice.

I had a great time at Johnson and Wales North Miami. I do recommend it.

Darren A. Lee
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