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Let's give this a try, even though not all went as it should....
The tomatoes came from my neighbours, the onion from the shop
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The dough was made out of sourdough and part whole wheat flour,
The base sauce consisted of cream cheese with home made Burmese chili sauce and the juice from the tomatoes (totally to the left, didn't really want to go on the picture)
I used very mature cheese (I can't get decent mozzarella andactually prefer "normal" cheese
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And as you can guess, this was going to be a pizza.
I was going to make it in my ew (for me) little uuni pizza oven, but struggled to lit the wood pellets.
Plan B had to come into action and I had to use the normal oven

Still had some fresh basil growing
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And the end result...
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I still had some yellow pear tomatoes left:
Started of with frying some smoked belly pork (not calling it bacon as they look totally different from the bacon I know.
Added red onion and garlic. Fried for a bit and added tomato, fresh chili (from garden) and cilantro (bought, doesn't grow very well here, bolts too early).
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And assembled (pita was made in my uuni pizza oven that I did get working)
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And as an extra: My lime tree and chili pepper
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Before time runs out.....
Just a picture of the end result:
Rendang with veges and rice

I had been given some bean sprouts (by my neigbour), still had some tomatoes (bought from my other neighbour), green peas (I have to admit, they came from the freezer section in the supermarket), bacon, garlic and red onion.

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And another one:
The other day I decided to grind beef ribs and silverside together.
I had egg plants that needed finishing and made a couple of different dishes:

I got given some spice mix that I never used before.
Mixed it with the ground beef and added red onions
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Made a sauce out of yoghurt, fresh mint, garlic and some cucumber
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Cooked the thinly sliced eggplant on the braai
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And the little baharat burgers
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Dinner time
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