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July 2018 Monthly Challenge

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July in my small part of the world means the garden is coming in. The farmers market is going at full speed. Tomatoes, beans, squash, greens, and all kinds of good stuff are out on the tables.. One Asian American farmer has fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are exotic to the area. This gives a small rural farmers market an international feel. As a site that has members all over the world some of you may have to think fresh harvest even if it is winter where you are. The challenge for July is:

Fresh Produce: fruits, vegetables, and fresh herbs

It can be a meal or a dish. What you grow, what you bought, or what you foraged. Fungi are included.

Morning Glory, hope you are feeling better and able to participate this month.

Have Fun,

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Hail, high winds... tomatoes got a bit beat up but I think stuff survived.
Oh dear! I am so sorry. I am glad that at least some of your plants survived.

I garden, too, and as they say, "it's always something". For me, it was the appearance of a huge woodchuck. Never had one before on our land. The bugger tore out and ate most of the peas, beans, Italian swiss chard, flowers, etc. I did some reseeding (as well as babying and protection of what shards were left.) LOL. So very grateful woodchucks don't like squash plants. Anyway, after efforts to discourage him/it/her, it seems to be gone. Maybe.
Last woodchuck in my garden met its end... crossbow...
Did you do the deed yourself? I could never kill an animal; I can't step on an ant! But slugs, now we're talking mass murder on my part and with much enjoyment. :p
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@mike9. "Terminate" with extreme prejudice? LOL. You could be right about him showing up again. He was gone for a week and then, yes, lo & behold, who's that giant land beaver I see? Anyway, I made the bottom of the fence less accessible with small grid wire. We shall see!

Do you put the squash into a trap or what. Or just place your bait outside the entrance to their hidey hole and sit there with a shotgun?
@maryb. Gee, that is amazing to hear that a woodchuck could affect a foundation. "Our" woodchuck is holed up under our chicken house and the structure appears to be all right. I tried pretty hard to block his entry hole, but, well, you know how determined they are.
@millionsknives. That watermelon with the faucet is quite impressive.

@salty dog. Try as I might, I can't develop a taste for wild purslane. I know it's good for you (omega 3's, I think) but somehow
that slimy-ness rubs me the wrong way. A shame, because there's a fair bit in my garden. They are a pretty groundcover, tho, and so I leave them to develop little yellow flowers.
I'll be smoking locally sourced woodchuck from the garden next.

Are you serious? Woodchuck is also known as "land beaver". GAH.

Hey, thanks for telling me about the watermelon kit. I will be the hostess with the mostess for sure if I do this.
1 - 6 of 85 Posts
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