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July 2018 Monthly Challenge

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July in my small part of the world means the garden is coming in. The farmers market is going at full speed. Tomatoes, beans, squash, greens, and all kinds of good stuff are out on the tables.. One Asian American farmer has fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are exotic to the area. This gives a small rural farmers market an international feel. As a site that has members all over the world some of you may have to think fresh harvest even if it is winter where you are. The challenge for July is:

Fresh Produce: fruits, vegetables, and fresh herbs

It can be a meal or a dish. What you grow, what you bought, or what you foraged. Fungi are included.

Morning Glory, hope you are feeling better and able to participate this month.

Have Fun,

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It's a veggiechuck.

We had a groundhog that was creating havoc. I think a kitty cat finally got to him. Either that or the poison I threw down the holes.
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I am also late to the party. And I also have rosemary. I made husband-approved no-mess-on-the-counter blueberry and rosemary scones in a spring form pan. One bowl; no kneading on the counter.
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If anyone wants the recipe, IM me.
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@drirene I usually hate scones, but that looks terrific!
Thanks Chris. I'm not a scone person either. But these are a little sweeter and a little moister.
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