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July 2018 Monthly Challenge

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July in my small part of the world means the garden is coming in. The farmers market is going at full speed. Tomatoes, beans, squash, greens, and all kinds of good stuff are out on the tables.. One Asian American farmer has fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are exotic to the area. This gives a small rural farmers market an international feel. As a site that has members all over the world some of you may have to think fresh harvest even if it is winter where you are. The challenge for July is:

Fresh Produce: fruits, vegetables, and fresh herbs

It can be a meal or a dish. What you grow, what you bought, or what you foraged. Fungi are included.

Morning Glory, hope you are feeling better and able to participate this month.

Have Fun,

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How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
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View attachment 65347 This is one of those truly Greek dishes that aren't too popular amongst foreign travelers. Greek salads and roasted lamb sell quick but not many are willing to try these slimy little buggers. I love them. These were given to us by a neighbor who cultivated them and when they are fresh they need to be left in open air to dry and harden for a couple of days. This makes for a perfect stew to be enjoyed with crusty bread (and boy do I miss bread)

Greek Chicken and Okra

Dark meat chicken on the bone
Fresh tomatoes
Salt (no pepper)
Gobs of olive oil
I love okra.
I never used to have my own garden, but now I understand the old story of the people who broke into somebody's car to put zucchini in their passenger seat....
Tell me more...
Lots of great recipes for zucchini. Maybe one of the monthly challenge winners will set a zucchini challenge month.
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