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That's a laugh: me helping YOU! :D But by all means, if you're not too exhausted at the end of the week, please do let us know what your experience is like. I'll help you with the spelling when you're ready to turn it into a book. ;) For now, it should be all YOU and your style. :cool:

As everyone has said already, your students will be sooooooooo lucky! Even -- especially! -- the goof-offs: your love of food, wine, cooking, and learning will just have to rub off on them. :p

And now I guess I can stop pushing for my m-i-l to move up to a retirement place in CT. :rolleyes:

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You guys are beautiful.

I just picked up my Syllabus for my classes.

They are "Classical French Cuisine and it's history"
"Food and Beverage Cost Controls"
"Techniques of Healthy Cooking" and
"Food and Wine Chemistry"

Part of me feels like i'm going back to school, I have a lot to study to prepare myself for my classes.

I will do my best to keep a journal on CT.

My "still" full time job has been filled with emotions that are very powerful. For those of you who know I have been a regional chef for high end senior living properties for the past 20 months, these wonderful human beings are hard for me to leave, they become like your grandparents.

Thanks again friends for your support, not only in this venture but for many times in the past. I feel blessed to call you my friends.
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