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Expediters are great, but they are only needed when you are very busy ...
I have worked with and without them .. one of the most enjoyable jobs I have had was running the grill and calling orders. You just need a cook that understands timing.

Do you change your menu for the slow season?
If the line is just to big (I will say I find that hard to believe ;)
you might try designing a menu around one or two stations of the line.

You can cut a cook by having the wait staff take on the pantry work .. i.e.: have the waiters make their own salads.

If the dish staff is not being used to it's full potential, they could be a great relief. Pull one out of dish for several hours a night to do prep or a simple line job... helps for training for the next busy season as well.

Most of the lines I have worked on call in orders as soon as they come in .. it is up to the cooks to make sure that their timing is correct and orders come out together. This can be done by the exp if he/she has her act together or by a good line cook .. i.e.: if the grill is calling orders he/she knows not to fire the pasta that comes in with a well done steak until that steak is almost cooked. But if another order comes in that is all pasta, that order should be fired to keep the pasta cook busy while the well done steak is cooking.... hope that makes sense :)

I have never been affiliated with an organization that hired a consultant to redesign the kitchen, it is usually cost prohibitive. I have been called in to redesign menus and methods to work within an existing kitchen.

Edit: I say all of this after working in 'right to work' states. I have NO idea what unions would have to say about waitstaff making salads or dish doing prep ....
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