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Kitchen Manager salary?

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I'm getting close to being hired as a Kitchen Manager (I think!)...  This would be a big step up for me compared to my current position.  I know eventually I'm going to have the "salary requirements" talk, and I don't want to be way off-base.  Doing a little research, the average KM salary for my area is apparently 47K-ish.  Does this sound right or will I be crazy to ask for this?  I just want to make sure I ask for what I deserve, not too little or too much.  Any KM's out there with insight on this?
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The business is a small chain of artisan coffee shops, the main focus being on the coffee. The position is the KM for a production bakery, supervising 3 - 5 employees, making a small line of from-scratch pastries. This will be in Los Angeles, they have two shops now and will be opening another three by the end of the year.

I found that figure by googling "Kitchen Manager Salary Los Angeles" and found a few sites that aggregated reported salaries for those conditions.
How much production bakery experience do you have? Your profile says you just graduated from culinary school.......With little or no experience in the related field, I would say your hopes of $47k is not going to be anywhere close to what your future employer is thinking.
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