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Kitchen Manager salary?

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I'm getting close to being hired as a Kitchen Manager (I think!)...  This would be a big step up for me compared to my current position.  I know eventually I'm going to have the "salary requirements" talk, and I don't want to be way off-base.  Doing a little research, the average KM salary for my area is apparently 47K-ish.  Does this sound right or will I be crazy to ask for this?  I just want to make sure I ask for what I deserve, not too little or too much.  Any KM's out there with insight on this?
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Hard to say without more info such as location, etc. Wages and salaries are going to vary according to locale. A kitchen manager in Isletown, CA is going to make a different number than a kitchen manager in New York City.

In your research what sources did you use to get a figure of $47K-ish?
I would tend to agree with @chefbuba & @chef hanz, in my experience those salary websites are usually not very close to the mark. Their numbers are generally inflated compared to what I have encountered over the course of my career. I realize that salaries are higher than the national average in LA, but even so $47K seems a bit optimistic.

Cheflayne: Are there any KM jobs in Isleton?
Unknown, but I have my doubts. Possibly the Hotel Ryde in Walnut Grove, but pure speculation. I know not that long ago they were looking for BOH, but what capacity I don't really remember.
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