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Kitchen Manager salary?

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I'm getting close to being hired as a Kitchen Manager (I think!)...  This would be a big step up for me compared to my current position.  I know eventually I'm going to have the "salary requirements" talk, and I don't want to be way off-base.  Doing a little research, the average KM salary for my area is apparently 47K-ish.  Does this sound right or will I be crazy to ask for this?  I just want to make sure I ask for what I deserve, not too little or too much.  Any KM's out there with insight on this?
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The business is a small chain of artisan coffee shops, the main focus being on the coffee.  The position is the KM for a production bakery, supervising 3 - 5 employees, making a small line of from-scratch pastries.  This will be in Los Angeles, they have two shops now and will be opening another three by the end of the year.

I found that figure by googling "Kitchen Manager Salary Los Angeles" and found a few sites that aggregated reported salaries for those conditions.
I have been in a bakery/cafe job for the last 5 years, most of which doing high volume bread and pastry production.  I have a lot of relevant experience specific to this job, just more production than managerial.
Well, anyway, I got the job and I wasn't off the mark, pay-wise.  I'm not sure why the "just graduated from culinary school" tag has garnered so much attention?  I guess you're assuming I'm just a 20-year-old fresh out of the classroom.  Some of us get our education later in life and work hard at our jobs at the same time.
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