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Kitchen smaller than dinning capacity.

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I have recently taken on a Sous Chef position and one of my fist of suggestions was to shrink the menu. We currently have 48 menu items. We have a walk in cooler that is very cramped due to sharing with kegs and bottled beer (we are a Gastro Pub). We do not have a walk in freezer but one freezer on the service line and three others elsewhere.

I was told by the Chef that they upgraded the capacity in the dinning room without upgrading the kitchen and that the kitchen is capable of servicing about two thirds of what the dinning room can hold. Even our pick up window is very small compared to many other kitchens I've worked in and salad pantry and desert building is done far from the main line, which leads to much line crossing as well as frustration.

What would a typical menu size with a change of menu every 3-4 months be for a kitchen able to service 175 or so guests?

This is my first Sous Chef position after 8 years line/prep/supervisor, culinary school and I'd like to make a good impression.
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What's the seating capacity and kitchen layout like?
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