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We feed the chipmunks in our yard, too :)

We sprinkle a mixture of bird seed, corn, and peanuts on the patio, and that's usually where the chipmunks come to eat (they also eat under our birdfeeder and climb up nearby trees & hop onto the birdfeeder to eat). This spring we had two babies who looked liked twins...they both had white spots on their foreheads! But we only saw them a few times, and now we only see an older chipmunk. I always worry when the babies "disappear," because one year we saw what looked like a hawk of some sort grabbing a chipmunk off of our bird feeder and then flying away with it... :(

Our most recent heartbreaking incident was finding a baby chipmunk in a shoe in our garage whose back legs were paralyzed. We kept him for a few days, hoping we could keep him as a pet (since his chances in the wild were slim), but he died a few days later :(

We've also had rabbits feeding under our birdfeeder...I'm not too happy when they nibble off flowers in the yard, but I love them anyway. I love to see the babies eating on our patio.

And recent "visitors" have been a couple of mallard ducks (male & female) feeding under our birdfeeder this year. It's fun to watch the interaction of all of the "creatures"! The rabbits were chasing around in circles one night, around the ducks...they just stood and watched the charade :eek:

I wish I had a camera or video camera ready at all times to capture these great moments!

It's so nice to find others who love animals as I do :)

p.s. We have a few cats also, but they are indoor cats. I've known of too many heartbreaking stories of cats being run over by cars or lost, at least where I live.
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