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Knife Bags

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I just discovered these knife bags on korin that have straps to hold knives in place and they seem like a great compromise, having greater versatility in what it can carry and requiring less space to open than a knife roll, but securing and protecting the knives better than a toolbox. Just wondering if people have experience with these or similar knife bags
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For a few dollars more, get the ultimate edge bag from amazon. it opens up like a book so it takes up less space than unrolling. Yet all the knives and tools have separate handle holders. The deluxe has more pockets outside than regular that I have.

Spoiledbroth got the hard case from Korea on eBay seems good too. Can't fit much more than stuff other knives though. Ill post the link if I can find it. Ps sign up for korin industry membership if you haven't already.
A single knife can walk off at anytime too. Cleavers seem to be immune to this affliction.
I've only worked in bbq catering and asian restaurants. My cleaver doesn't get much attention at either and I think it's undervalued because people are used to $20 chinatown cleavers that look similar to the untrained eye. My rules are don't talk up your knives, don't let people use your knives, and never tell them how much anything costs ever.
I will add it to my list of things to check out next time I visit NYC. btw @Atatax how do you like the new Itinomonn?
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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