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Knife Bags

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I just discovered these knife bags on korin that have straps to hold knives in place and they seem like a great compromise, having greater versatility in what it can carry and requiring less space to open than a knife roll, but securing and protecting the knives better than a toolbox. Just wondering if people have experience with these or similar knife bags
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The two main concerns I have with knife bags are as follows:

Sanitaton. Kitchens are messy places, and stuff gets spilled. Knife bags are a right royal p.i.t.a. to clean properly when say, salad dressing is spilled on it.

Security. You can't hang a big nasty padlock on a knife roll when you go for break, and you can easily stuff a knife roll down your pants or in a hotelpan of food.and walk away with it.

I like the pastic tool boxes, when they get dirty, you just shove it in the dishwasher. You can plaster the thing with stickers, so you and everyone can tell at 50 feet away if its where you last put it.
Not in my experience. Ive seen more knife rolls stolen than I want to know, never seen a toolbox stolen though, too personalized, everyone knows who it belongs to.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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