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Knife roll was stolen, need suggestions

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Yesterday was a rough day for me...

All my tools... all of them, are gone, stolen from my car. So I need some help with some suggestions.

On the way is a Moritaka KS 250 and was wondering if someone could give me some Saya suggestions. What will fit?. Doesn't need to be extremely fancy
First things first.

I do consider myself a pretty good sharpener with a decent set of stones.

Right handed. Handle style doesn't matter. Carbon or stainless. Push/pull chopping profiles

I will list off the knives that were in my roll, what I liked and didn't like. And If anyone can offer similarly priced replacements. Budget $800

Fujiwara FKH 270 gyuto (prep knife)

Thinned, edge geometry ground to 80/20.
Pros: Go to prep knife. Tough, held a decent edge, flat I liked the elevated tip. cheap.

Cons:super sticky, terribly sticky.

Yoshihiro VG-10 rosewood handle gyuto 210 (used as utility)

Pros: Fit and finish, edge retention

Cons: sharpening. Burr removal, foux damascus (it was a gift)

Richmond 240 extra tall gyuto (line knife)

Pros: I liked the hight, cheap, I didn't care if other people used it.

Cons: fit and finish, edge retention. It was ugly.
Stainless prefered.

Misono dragon 240
I actually have nothing bad to say and will probably buy another one, looking for wa style suggestions around $200

A good small (75cm-110cm) WA petty for around $100

I apologize I am typing this on my phone
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Sorry for your loss. I hate thieves. Just recently someone broke into my wife's car. She may have left it unlocked so it may have been easy for them. The stole 3 pairs of prescription eye glasses, but left the Saint Christopher medal and some expensive perfume. Good luck replacing your blades!
I've been waiting too. Been biting my tongue since I always seem to be out of step with the local knife experts.

But consider this - buy some Shun's. You'll get your work done and from what I read here nobody in their right mind would waste their time stealing them. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/lol.gif

I don't work outside the house very often anymore, but my traveling knife roll has 5 Forgecrafts. People tend to notice but nobody seems to covet them. I just have to be careful about other folks borrowing them and not drying them off.
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