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Knife roll was stolen, need suggestions

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Yesterday was a rough day for me...

All my tools... all of them, are gone, stolen from my car. So I need some help with some suggestions.

On the way is a Moritaka KS 250 and was wondering if someone could give me some Saya suggestions. What will fit?. Doesn't need to be extremely fancy
First things first.

I do consider myself a pretty good sharpener with a decent set of stones.

Right handed. Handle style doesn't matter. Carbon or stainless. Push/pull chopping profiles

I will list off the knives that were in my roll, what I liked and didn't like. And If anyone can offer similarly priced replacements. Budget $800

Fujiwara FKH 270 gyuto (prep knife)

Thinned, edge geometry ground to 80/20.
Pros: Go to prep knife. Tough, held a decent edge, flat I liked the elevated tip. cheap.

Cons:super sticky, terribly sticky.

Yoshihiro VG-10 rosewood handle gyuto 210 (used as utility)

Pros: Fit and finish, edge retention

Cons: sharpening. Burr removal, foux damascus (it was a gift)

Richmond 240 extra tall gyuto (line knife)

Pros: I liked the hight, cheap, I didn't care if other people used it.

Cons: fit and finish, edge retention. It was ugly.
Stainless prefered.

Misono dragon 240
I actually have nothing bad to say and will probably buy another one, looking for wa style suggestions around $200

A good small (75cm-110cm) WA petty for around $100

I apologize I am typing this on my phone
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I'm a fan of Sabatier high carbon. Affordable, easy to sharpen, good edge retention, comfortable for me to use. I've never had one stolen but I'd guess the high carbon part might deter a thief. 

I have no experience with Japanese knives and at this point have too many knives already to spend  money on even more i don't need. 
Lamson and Goodnow are not out of business. They have moved to Westfield. So no longer in Shelburne Falls but still in business. The flood prompted a long desired move to a one floor facility. 
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