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Bought a promo block set of Wusthof Grand Prix II's after divorce left me knife-less (wife number first was a chef, and as such, she got custody of the knives... divorce can be so cruel). Re-ground most of the blades to a sharper dbl. bevel, added a 5" serrated, half dozen various parers & utility, steak knives, smaller chef, and two Santoku's later when I married wife number last. I wasn't buying so much as I was collecting. In hind sight, I actually do use most of them, but the chef, utility, boner, slicer, and scalloped slicer probably do 95% for me. The latter as a replacement for the bread knife, which I never use, and we bake fresh breads daily. The scalloped serrations never tear, whereas the reverse serrated teeth of the bread knife have never done anything but for me. I also bought a 5-1/2" & 7" Oneida Santoku's w/ triple riveted wooden handles for wife number last and the kids to abuse and practice steeling with. Being used to using chef's knife for most prep, the Santoku's are more to da wife's liking, and I have very little use for them. Although I must admit to grabbing the cheapo Oneida's for chopping veg if they're not being used (the smaller ones just feel right). I have big hands and the big chef feels as right to me as the Wusthof Santoku feels wrong, so ditto what others have said, the selecting begins with what feels right to you.

Bought my avid home cook S-I-L a set of Grand Prix's for her 50th birthday a few years back 'cuz she was always commenting on how much she enjoyed using mine when visiting. While at her place for dinner one night about a year later, I couldn't help but notice that she was literally sawing through a rested loin that looked as if it must have been made of dried cow hide. She then admitted that she didn't really care for the knives 'cuz they didn't stay sharp? She also admitted to not ever having learned to use the steel... or bothered sharpening them (at which point I was tempted to grab them all up and take them back, which I did anyway just to re-sharpen for her, even though she doesn't deserve them), so again, as others have said. Figure out how you intend to sharpen them. I'm a wood worker among other things, and have an extensive collection of tools and equipment for shaping, sharpening, polishing, and stropping all sorts of cutting tools, but that's unusual. I will say that for most folks, the fact that they never learn to properly maintain quality knives, or have no desire to do so, deservedly relegates them to the blister packed Oneida stuff on the WalMart peg hook. The moneythey save can go toward bandaids and sutures.. 
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