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You need to really know how to look after your knives if you're going to get expensive ones. Retail price on a 10" Wusthof Trident is around $110. That's no small chunk of change. I started with Wusthof Classics for my "nice" ones and Forschners as my "beater" knives. Now I wish I had some Messermeisters (the ones without that chunky heel) because they're easier to put on a stone.

It's important that they feel right in your hands. I found that the Wusthof Classics have a little less torque than the ones with the moulded plastic handles. I like the look of the classics a lot better though.

If you're going to cooking school, there are probably going to be people there with all kinds of knives. You can try them out in a real situation there. My suggestion is to go with a traditional 10" Forschner stamped as your workhorse celery chopping meat hacking knife and gradually build from there.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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